Messenger Bag - BurnOut
Messenger Bag - BurnOut

Messenger Bag - BurnOut

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Messenger with unique BurnOut Design - every item is a one-off...

The unique BurnOut Design features authentic tire marks that have been 'burned' on a transfer fabric with a sports car. The durability of this fabric is beyond regular materials to be able to stand the load of a real burnout.



Please note:

  • This is a specially produced item. In case we are out of stock, the item can be shipped to you within 6 to 8 weeks after you have placed your order.
  • Naturally, BurnOut items will never look the same since every fabric is 'burned' separately. Therefore, the actual item that you receive might look different than what is displayed here.
  • If you like this product, but would prefer a different fabric/color/stitching - or any other special individualization, please get in touch with us at