RENNWERKSTATT® Floor Mats Houndstooth for Porsche 911 (992)

$ 1,490

RENNWERKSTATT Floor Mat Set (Front) in Houndstooth Fabric to match Porsche 911 (992) with Houndstooth Seat Inserts.

This set consists of the two front floor mats for Porsche 911 (2020- / 992).

The Materials are:

- Houndstooth ‘R’ Fabric

- Leather (Carbon look) in Black

- Stitching deviated to match your vehicle (here: Red)


Please note:

- These floor mats are decorative items for show and display purpose and are not as durable as standard (carpet) floor mats.

- if you would like to custom design your floor mats, please let us know.

- A set of four floor mats (front and rear) is also available.

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