Espresso Cup - Pepita - Black & White

$ 39

Espresso to drive cup

The high-quality Espresso-to-drive-cup made of 100% porcelain is a must-have for the real PEPITA lover. This also applies to the espresso on the go. The elastomer lid is free of silicone and plasticizers. It has a small drinking opening on one side.

PEPITA made its way into many automobiles in the 1960s and is still a hot topic today. As a seat cover, it was often combined with black leather on the side bolsters.

This sustainable to-go mug is for everyone who appreciates automotive culture and high quality. The pattern of historical fabrics on real porcelain (100% climate-neutral) will particularly inspire sports car enthusiasts.

In addition, there is a perfectly color-coordinated, which is made of drink-friendly elastomer without plasticizers and silicone and is dishwasher-safe. The mug is produced in a climate-neutral manner in Europe, holds 0.15 liters (5.07 ounces) is 75mm (2.95 inches) high and weighs 120g (0.26 lbs). 

A notice:
Very colour-intensive foods can cause discoloration on the lid during rinse cycles in the dishwasher. In order to enjoy your lid for a long time, we therefore recommend cleaning it by hand.

Porcelain is a natural product. In principle, it can be reused indefinitely. Porcelain is produced from naturally occurring raw materials such as kaolin, feldspar and quartz - completely without harmful additives. This is one of the reasons why drinks and food simply taste better made of porcelain.

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