Indoor Car Cover - Customized

$ 850

Let us add on to the exciting moment when you set foot into your garage or car collection barn - the time is over to see boring grey or black covers that conceal the beauty of your vehicle. Our customized car cover protects your car from dust, yet still gives an idea of what’s underneath.

OR, ‘Unlock Boldness’ - let us create a car cover that is different from your actual car configuration. Your most favorite color, the one you couldn’t order or a livery that has always drawn your attention, but might be too bold for everyday use.

There are almost 2,000 different hues available - enough to match any Paint-to-Sample color or find your favorite.

In any case, the smile on your face is guaranteed!


Please send details of your desired configuration to our email address: :

- Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

- Year / Make / Model

- Photos from Front / Back / both Sides

Once we have all the above information we will either get back to you with more questions or have our manufacturer create a proof for you to sign off (or adjust).

After your sign off it takes about 6-10 weeks for the cover to be produced and delivered to you. Timing depends on complexity of the print as well as available capacity at our manufacturer.

It is possible to add individual items (e.g. license plate, flag and driver name on roof) to the design at no cost. The addition of racing decals will need to be evaluated based on the amount of additional design work necessary.

Please note that we adhere to the rules of trademarks and laws, so we might need to adjust the design of your cover accordingly.

For questions, please contact us at

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